I need to find popular topics, what are your most popular mylot topics now

United States
February 19, 2007 5:13am CST
No, this isn't a cheesy question just to get a bit of money. I keep putting in more and more of my interests, trying to bump the same 8 interests that show up on the left side of the page so that new ones appear. But, many of the things I am interested in are unusual so it hasn't changed or moved the 8... only one of the 8 moved... I'm profile-surfing on here for new ideas for things to add on my interests (that not only are interests to me but are actually popular to others), but that takes a long time. What are the 8 topics that appear on the left side of your screen right now? Maybe I will be interested in some of them. Not only to be more social I am doing this, but also, I could make more from this, if I had more of an outreach.
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