Intel Vs AMD

@iduidu (243)
February 19, 2007 5:59am CST
I use to have an AMD system, now I have INTEL...what do you think is the best? Thanks.
6 responses
@orgilxxx (128)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
AMD is good processor but Intel always better i just use intel only
@ebo_bro (190)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
depends on your definition of best. my definition is the processing power and price ratio. so its AMD
• China
19 Feb 07
I very confirm that Intel system will be the best in the world. but if there is no AMD, the step forward of INTEL maybe slow down quickly. These days, many sets of computer use INTEL system, because of it's compatibility. Another important reason is that INTEL controlled many rules and standards of computer system.
• India
19 Feb 07
i always prefer INTEL than AMD..
@tsprabhu (705)
• India
19 Feb 07
I've never used AMD! All that I've used is Intel. Hope its the better one.
@redfang (969)
19 Feb 07
it all depends really, amd is better for running gaming applications where as intels are better at running general programs personally i have always stuck with amd because i like them better than intels but it's each person to their own really, try both chips and see which one you think runs better for what you are using your computer for.