..hesitancy and hopelessness..:(

February 19, 2007 7:56am CST
im so puzzled.. i dont have the courage anymore to keep what i really feel.. so i just thought of giving it out here cause i dont know somebody whom i could really share this things and could give me some applicable suggestions upon this matters.. well.. i was really bombarded with P R O B L E M S..nowadays..im really losing my confidence.. i often sugest that im a big damn witless.. im having hard time sensing things that could help in solving it.. why do i have this problems?!.. am i very stupid and useless thats why i graspo all of this?!.. one major problem is...*sigh* about my...d** he always tends to reprimand, shout and tells me awful languages which tremendously ~HURTS me~ i know that he is the one how controls everything i do.. he it the one hu limits upon doing my desired things.. but..:( as a 16 yrs old child.. it HURTS.. i understand his situation.. his role of being my mom and dad.. but why does he acts that way? i know some of the resons why is also because of me..my faults.. but im really wondering why he always BECOMES angry.. well,, another things is my schedules.. if im waking him up because that he will promised that i will skate early.. he starts to be ANGRY again.. *sigh* im just very doomed with problems.. my tears are just a big damn useless.. it has no sense.. and it makes me to be more dull..:( well, till some other time.. bye..=(
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@lani0529 (1725)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
Hello evita!(",) First of all, don't ever think that God gave you problems because you are stupid and useless. It's not true. Problems are just part of our daily struggle in life and every people are faced with different problems to make us stronger and to learn from them. God will not give us problems that we cannot bear and everytime that we think of giving up, He is always right there ready to help us whether how big or small our problem is. You are still very young, to carry too much problems and give yourself too much pressure. I think, the best thing that you should do is talk to your dad to sort things out and so that you will be able to hear his side of story and at the same time you could express yours. If its hard for you, you can make a letter to him. Always remember that no parent wants what's bad for their children. Its always what's best and sometimes we children are having a hard time grasping that idea because we always think that we know better because its our life. Don't ever think of holding grudges towards your dad because he loves you and looking out whats best for you. Communication is a key for a stronger and closer relationship with your dad. He is having a hard time,too. Try to talk to him. Hope I did help even just a little. Enjoy your teenage years!(",) Take care!