New teeth and coughing

United States
February 19, 2007 10:01am CST
My son is four months old, almost five and he's starting to get his first tooth in. He also has picked up a cough, but the Dr. said that there is nothing in his lungs, so he isn't sick. This is my first child and I'm confused on what is causing the coughing. Is it that he's salivating more now that he's getting a tooth and choking on it? Someone please help!
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@XxAngelxX (2831)
• Canada
19 Feb 07
It probably does have something to do with the fact that cutting his tooth is causing more saliva. I have seen a lot of children like this. It's also very common for them to get a runny nose or a slight rash when they are teething. I hope it comes in soon and he doesn't have to much trouble with it. Try not to worry to much, it's a natural thing when they are teething :)
• United States
19 Feb 07
I guess that could be it. His nose is really runny. But he recently started throwing up. Not just the usual spit up, but throw up. Could that be from the tooth?
@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
19 Feb 07
yeah this is a natural thing when babies start tething then they often have stuffy and runny nose, sometimes they get fever due to pain and some times they coughing unusually. all you need to do is just simply give him children pain killer. Infant's Tylenol quickly resolve the problem and it is almost harmless. but do ask your pharmacist about dosage amount or any other similar pain killers.