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October 13, 2006 10:37pm CST
I wonder why when a person becomes a celeb,they end up being chase by paparazzis?I wonder will there be a day when a new celebrity comes out and become famous will they somehow not get chased by paparazzis.I notice that down the line,celebs end up wanting to live their life like the non-celebs be doing such as not getting chased by paparzzis,not having the press involved in their personal lives,and etc.
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@bhchy1 (6051)
• United States
14 Oct 06
I think they set themselves up to be chased to be in the news and and popular...think about how many you don't hear about..that lead normal everyday lives like us..
• United States
18 Oct 06
Wowwwww!So,there are some celebs that don't get chased by news reporters and paparazzis and etc!I'm glad to know that.And thanks for responding.