As I stood upon the brink of the precipice ...(add your own last lines) LOL

goth babe - I can be a little devil sometimes - lol
February 19, 2007 10:19am CST
As I stood upon the brink of the precipice, staring out across the gorge, looking down to the far distant base of the cliff, I could hear behind me the baying of the wolves and the unearthly howls of the banshees. He was coming, he would catch me, there was nowhere left for me to run. I turned and took a step away from the crumbling edge of the clifftop, and reached for my crossbow. The bow was primed and ready, but, to my horror, I had no more bolts. I cast aside the crossbow and reached to my belt for my gun, the chamber was filled only with spent casings, the gun useless against the monsters that were gaining ground, and would soon burst out of the forest to sieze me as I stood upon the open ground of the cliff. I stood, feet planted firmly upon the turf, unarmed and vulnerable, alone and bereft of hope. The wolves tore through the undergrowth and surrounded me, waiting only the signal from their master to rip my flesh apart. Then he appeared, his red eyes gleaming in the darkness before the dawn. His teeth, gleaming fangs, bared to plunge into my unprotected throat. He waited, standing before me, his wry grin taunting me to speak."Well" I said, "it has come to this, are we to battle upon this cliff, will you not speak before you end my mortal life?" ....................................... Now add your final line. I will start with "I can see my house from up here"
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• Ireland
19 Feb 07
You have never been anything but a thorn in my side. And by the way, did you forget to clean those teeth this morning? They look horrid, so please don't come near me as I am sure the smell of your breath alone would kell me.
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19 Feb 07
Fang-tastic hun. I am so glad you have responded, let's hope we get loads more to laugh at.
20 Feb 07
Aw, that one is so sweet. I can just imagine the look on the face. *giggles*