United Nations and "Veto"

February 19, 2007 12:48pm CST
we all know aht is UNO and Veto...it is a power provided to some countries to rule the rest of the world.what do u all think.. should UNO abolish the veto or the number of veto power possesing countries be increased. what are ur viwes about veto power
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
7 May 07
Who cares what the UN does. It told Iraq 17 times to let the inspectors in or else military force would be used. The UN has been trying to keep the peace in Africa for over 40 years and still there is fighting going on all over Africa. The UN Set up the Oil for Food program and several high ranking employees of the UN, and their familys, made their foutune in the program and Iraq got weapons. The General Assembly is made up of a lot of third world dictators who vote for their interests and not that of world peace. Forget about doing away with the VETO just do away with the UN.
• Philippines
6 May 07
if this veto power is being abused and is causing bad things in the operations of the uno, then it is high time that this thing is considered for abolition therein. the uno is practically unheard of these days. it has not been benefitting its member countries any good as they used to before. their presence is no longer felt around the world and nobody seems to care so much anymore about this uno. something has got to be done in order to get this organization to life.