The Devil Wears Prada... An excellent film but that boyfriend.

United States
February 19, 2007 2:38pm CST
Okay Anne's boyfriend made me a little upset when he couldn't understand why she had to take "Miranda's" call or basically do her job. So I was wondering if you were in a relationship and you had a job where it required your time and your significant other wasn't understanding, What would you do? Drop the relationship or the job?
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@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
16 Feb 09
I have to admit I have only just seen this film, it was on last Friday! I thought it was a girly film and I didn't bother going when it was first on at the movies, now after seeing it I really wished I had of seen it, I sat through it all and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ok, from a guys point, I would stick with the job and drop the relationship, but that's just me, I guess I am biased in that respect in that I have had some turbulent and unhappy relationships in the past and I prefer being single so for me the job would stay and out went the partnership, looking at Anne I think she saw she was becoming like her boss, but it wasn't a fairy tale ending either. I must get the film on DVD, I could easily watch it again and again!
• United States
3 Mar 08
ALthough I don't like the actor or his skills, he does represent the person with whom the actress has to make a choice. He is just a simple guy with his own aspirations.
• United States
13 Mar 07
My boyfriend freaks out when I stay any time later from work. He is always tripping calling me in two seconds asking me when I am going to come home. He drives me crazy because he knows I am at work and then I have to explain myself. If your in a relationship like this I think dump the guy keep the job. Well now I am dropping both because I am moving back to California with my family.
• China
22 Aug 07
Hi, AuthenticPeach!! Maybe I will drop the relationship..... I just say maybe. Maybe I love job much more. ^_^
• China
6 Aug 07
in that case i would drop the relationship,but the condition is the job is not like anne's!
• Philippines
13 Feb 08
I'll drop my relationship. I think it will be much easier to handle a job like that when people stop throwing a fit over how I work.
• United States
19 Feb 07
definately drop the relationship...because we have to have a mutal understanding...if u can't balance relationship and job of course dropping the job just to save a DYING relationship is don't gonna pay the bills, lol
• United States
28 Feb 07
Well the boyfriend, in my opinion was a little weasle! So I would send him packin, but If it was my husband, I would dump the job, but I am married, so dumpin the husband is a little different then a boyfriend. But thats just me!