big dogs as pets

United States
February 19, 2007 4:09pm CST
I am looking to find a very large but friendly dog for a pet and protector of the home.I want one that will be gentle to the family,and loving, but that would basically scare the daylights out of anyone who would try to snoop around my home or something,I have found the Irish Wolfhound is the worlds largest dog and is called the gentle giants of the large dog breeds.I also found that the Leonburger(if I spelled it right) is one next to the largest. And is supposed to be gentle.I have been offered a Great Pyronees for two-hundred bucks,and think its a great deal.But I am afraid of the facts that it is territorial.And can be aggressive.So I don't know what to pick. Does anyone know of any of these dogs in Ky,or Ohio,or W.VA areas? My man is a trucker and coulds travel to pick a pup up.But we aren't able to pay big bucks for one.We also want to replace our oldest daughters baby,Rosco,he was shot and killed by a man for wandering to his cows and chasing them. Which where we live if that happens,then we just suck it up and go on.But Rosco got loose one day and found his favorite thing cows.He was a mutt dog,and didn't cost us anything really, but he was a million dollar dog ot our doaughter.We are now fixing a kennel and lot for the new dog to come,if we can find one, and we are fixing it with fenceing that it wont be able to get away from us. Thousand feet of fence squared,with a dog house fit for the king ,again if we can find one. And suggestions.Know anything personally about these breeds?
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