why are people so narrow minded?

United States
February 19, 2007 4:12pm CST
My husband took my daught and I to dinner for Valentine's day to a very nice and expensive restaurant. We were having a lovely time. The waitress was so nice and even though my husband smokes we sat in a non smoking area. He is very good with his smoking. We had just had our food brought to us when a terrible thing happened. The hostess sat an older couple next to us. The woman must have taken a bath in babypowder. It only took a matter of seconds for the smell to attack my senses. I have asmtha so with in a few seconds I was coughing and weezing. I had to leave my dinner and be taken home because I was into a full blown asthma attack. I paid over $100.00 for a meal that I could not enjoy. Yet you people argue about smokers and crusifying them and yet it is ok for people to take a bath in perfume and make me sick. They don't pay my doctor bills I do. I would not need to if people would take a bath in perfume if they would take a bath with soap and water. If you want to bann smoking I want to ban people from using perfume instead of soap and water. I think all perfumes should be taken off the shelves. People are inconsiderate of others. Thank you for listening and maybe someone will get the point and rethink what they are doing to others when they use too too much perfume.
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@shoelover (896)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
I think there should be a subject at schools teaching people how much or how little perfumes or deoderants ect on. As you say some people smell like they bathe in the stuff. I hate it when I am out shopping and walk past someone that has done this. I end up sneezing so often as it irritates my nasal passages. I feel sorry for you in having to forgo that lovely meal all because of somebodies overindulgence in powder. I hope you feel better soon as far as the asthma attack also.
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• United States
20 Feb 07
I am feeling better thank you. I am trying to get across the message that if you are going to ban a product because it is bad for people that you would need to ban everything. I can't blame the restaurant because they don't have a non perfume section. that I could go for.