Fortune favours the Brave !!! i dont believe !

February 19, 2007 5:50pm CST
Yes, i dont believe that furtunes favours only braves,,,,,, by this i donna wanna give a message that i dont like to work hard but i have seen people who r doing nothing for their life and still they r getting everything needed.. A man who is running away from working hard, he bought a bingo ticket and won the jackpot !!!!!!!!! Was this a brave act to buy a bingo ticket instead of working hard and earning money himself.. if it was not brave then why fortune favoured him ?????
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• Singapore
27 Feb 07
I also do not believe that fortune favors the brave. In fact, I have only heard the heaven favors the stupid. :P Like you mentioned - the example with the bingo ticket - you just need luck, God, heaven or the universe by your side. As simple as there. *Now where did I place my bingo ticket...*
• United States
25 Feb 07
I think this saying is talking about opportunity.If you are bold,you do have a lot of chance to succeed than those people who are weak.Winning a lotto is another kind of fortune.
• India
25 Feb 07
ya i believe in it.
@jhallii (155)
• India
20 Feb 07
fortune favours the brave!!!!!---yes,i also dont believe in this but i believe its the BRAVE WHO MAKES HIS FORTUNE,the cowards are those who leave everything on fortune and wait for fortune to do it but the brave who has confidence on him and his hard work and think his hard work will bring result......and also the brave is the one who has courage and confidence...and the person in example ,,,i think is not we can say coward or brave if he buys bingo ticket and wins it until and unless he entirely depends on it.....he might be having that much confidence on his fortune and also he might be brave one ready to workhard to pay loss if he looses
@LittleMel (14032)
• Canada
20 Feb 07
Well he is bold, buying ticket while he has no money left for anything else. Would you do that, if you only have $ 2 in your pocket and no other source of income? I bet you will go eat or save it or something, rather then buy lottery. Working hard has nothing to do with being bold. You just do it, that's what your life demands. Being bold is doing what other people advise you not to do or what other people have failed before. If fortune didn't favour the bold, Hitler wouldn't be Fuehrer. Who would have thought uneducated person can go that far? If you have been bold and yet haven't achieved anything, then I guess you are not favoured at all.