Motherboard CD

February 19, 2007 9:00pm CST
Did you got mother-board cd when you purchased your branded computer. Do compaq users gets the required drivers c.d. Share your experience.
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• India
24 Feb 07
Why !!!!!!!! The machine is branded or whatever may be it must have a mother board cd. In past I had a HCL branded desktop. I had the mother board cd....if u dnt have then I can't suggest u what to do...
• India
23 Feb 07
well i have purchased whatever be it motherboard, a PCI card or anything for that matter which requires device drivers you will get a device driver CD
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
in the US it is a separate purcahse for branded pcs like compaq. but you can download it for free as long as you know the model of your computer
@Biodrome (89)
• India
21 Feb 07
Compaq users don't get motherboard CDs, u juzz have to keep it from the technician who set up ur system.......or download them....... I have an assembled I got my Motherboard CD widout hassle.........
@lameran (1148)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
yes I get my cd drivers, application and manual from my motherboard manufacture when I bought it, and I think compaq will definatelly give it's user also, since It's allready a standart of motherboard package, but if you don't get it or maybe you miss it somewhere, you also could download all the cd content at your motherboard websites.
@merkava (1225)
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
All my branded desktops and laptops have the cd drivers with the package. The only time you don't need them is when you have to update your drivers. It is mandatory for the retailers to give you all the driver cds and also the OS cd that was installed with it, after all, you paid for it. Although the OS cd can sometimes be optional.
@Corvin (417)
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
when i bought my mobo, it has a cd on it. The cd contains some dx versions and sound card installer. The BIOS data should only be downloaded from the website of the brand the mobo that your bought.
@fub21a (194)
• Australia
20 Feb 07
I never recieve a cd with motherboard drivers I always go and download it as as I can.