i got 4 million UK pound

@globur (206)
February 20, 2007 12:03am CST
one day i got an e-mail from a Scot Davise,which says a winning declaration in UK National Lottery.He said,he was the verification officer of UK Lottery.The e-mail in format of UK National Lottery letter head.He asked my personal details.Without proper knowledge and refference on their official website,I replied. After my reply,another man James Keegan contact me by e-mail to give my claim verification certificate.I got that.In that mail,he wanted me to contact with delivery department.It`s officer Daniel Smith contacted me.He wanted my clarification to send my cheque,winner`s certificate,etc.I gave clarification.Then a courier company contacted me to inform me- 4 million value cheque is waiting at their office.They wanted me courier charge. I made a search for UK National Lottery,got their official website.From there i got the information about the scamm. If you get such e-mail verify the matter with the official website of UK National Lottery.You can check your tickets with the official results. Do not put your head in scammers trap
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@micaella (396)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
I always got those emails too, every year i got 2 to 4 winning notification fro UK national lottery.... Names are DR. bruce maxwell same as coffee brandname lol, Mrs jessica patricks, cliffords armstrong, julie van hans What do you think this scammer help for their country?
@globur (206)
• India
3 Aug 07
Internet is an unavoidable part of modern life.We do everything by net. But,many people use the technology to cheat others and to destroy the world. They do not see the real use of technology.They think negetively.So,they do scams and cheats. There are many opportunities on the net. We have to know and use them properly. Scammers should be avoided and punished.
@killian (31)
• Brazil
20 Feb 07
I got a similar one: "250.000.000 GBP" of course I did not believe and hit the delete button, I would paste it here if I could, lol
• China
20 Feb 07
I've received more than one emails of this kind,dont take it serious,really. good luck
@Clearr (145)
• Denmark
20 Feb 07
i got one where a guy called mr smith wopuld give me 80 million