Inter-relationship in the family

February 20, 2007 12:48am CST
Family means it is not only hubby and wife. It is also other members of the family like sister-in-laws, bros-in-law, MIL and FIL etc. In a joint family type like in India, every elders expect that it is very essential for every girl (prospective/would be daughter-in-law) to be good DIL who respects & and do good service to to elders. When new bride comes to her hubby's place, it will be very difficult for her to adopt to the new atmosphere. So the Hubby's family should see that she is not hurt or uncomfortable. They should make her feel home. They should not make comments on her works/cooking etc as they should feel that she has been brought up in a differnt atmosphere and it takes time for her to get adjusted. I feel very sad when I see MILS complaining about their DILS in front of other family members and neighbours. Why this happens? Only DIL needs to adjust and comproimise is it? Is that not the resposibility of MIL and other fammily members to comprise?
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