February 20, 2007 1:09am CST
The phoenix's most unusual characteristic is that after it's body begins to fail, it dies in a burst of flame, to be reborn from the ashes. This occurs not only on a Phoenix's natural Burning Day, but if the phoenix receives a fatal injury, such as being hit in a Killing Curse. Dumbledore's fave pet is Fawke's (phoenix) right? That's why I am still not convinced that Snape really intended to kill Dumbledore. Maybe he and dumbledore had a plan or what.... i'm really not sure.. nah.. can't wait for the release of the last and final book of HP. I wonder if Dumbledore had the power to be reborned just like his pet Fawkes and if Sirius Black was really killed in book 5.. hmmmm.....
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21 Feb 07
For one thing, Fawkes isn't a pet, he is a familure, like Harry's owl & Hermonie's cat. A familure is more than a pet, but I don't think that Rowlings is using them quite correctly in the "magical" way. A familure is an animal companion that helps focus or refine a magic users magic, but maybe they have to get beyond Hogwarts to learn about such things. Hogwarts is basiclly the "public" school for magicians. I'd guess there has to be, perhaps, colleges for further advanced studies? On the topic of Snape, never liked the guy, but I'm still up in the air if he's for or against Valdemort. I'm leaning for. On the other hand, every one assumes that the prophesy is about Harry, since - Nigil is it? - is such an incompetent fellow, makes me thing that we've got all the expectations up because every thinks its Harry & its going to be the other kid. If I were writing it (which I'd never have this long term an idea and I could almost hate Rowlings for it, but she's sooooo good) that's the way I'd write it!!!