play free games get gifts

February 20, 2007 1:50am CST
Hai friends i found some sites where you can play games for winning prizes.This is not a spam hope you like it These are the list of games i would recommend for registering and playing.So you could earn free gifts & money for playing games.Daily the site 10-15 games to play and your account will be added You can even auction..The more you play the more you get.Below there are 4 sites and the ranks are given below you can see the ranks at . So try it and for any doubts just give me a scrap.. rank:41,633 rank:857 rank:32,544 rank:35,567 Note:for jeux just change press the british flag in the top left corner so you can see the site in english otherwise you would see the site in french.. If u know any other games just tell me .................
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