if you had three wishes?

February 20, 2007 3:53am CST
what woudl you wish for?
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• Canada
1 Apr 07
If I honestly had three wishes. I would wish for some thing that i could use. One would be to have world peace. Everyone who is elidgable to have a job(need to balance the budget for this wish to happen). My third wish is to have many more wishes i possibly can until the end of my 9th life. Just in case the other two wishes don't come true!
@Asimk12 (738)
• Pakistan
20 Feb 07
Well wishes are the thing a human hope for! I always wish for the things I can't have. My three most important wishes are: 1) I can play guitar. Not only play, I want to be the best musician of all time. I want to be like soul hudson (as known as) Slash. He is my inspiration. He is the I always want to be. 2) I will marry to the girl I love. She is something my life but unfortunately she is not with me anymore. I want her back and I want to marry with her. 3) As there is a sayin` 'No one is perfect' I want to be a perfect man. A man on which people will set an example! I know I can't but its just a wish :D