Why is that the unfaithfulness of the woman is more proonounced

February 20, 2007 4:16am CST
I have decided to search this out and i discovered that in any given rwelationship or marriage,it is the woman's unfaithfulness that is more pronounced.It sounds as if nature forbids a woman to cheat on her spouse or partner in a relationship and give permission to the man.And men seems to take advantage of this.A man can leave is partner and have other relationship else where,as many as he can.But if the woman does or trys it everyone in the society sees her as an harlot or an unfaithful woman.In the african setting,this is completely different.If it is heard that a woman that is married have an extra marital afairs,that very day she is going back to her mother's house.They seems to be indifferent to the man's unfaithfulness.Iam not saying this because iam among the bad eggs,no.Iam not in any relationship neither am i married but it is what i have observed for the past years.Why this inequality?
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