why does everyone on this website feel the need to just agree with what you say?

February 20, 2007 5:20am CST
every answer simply says "i agree" or "your right" but they dont really have a point or have anything new to say about the topic.
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@boldriq (201)
• Slovenia
20 Feb 07
I' m not completly 100% sure, but as I was going thru the topics I've noticed a discussion where someone was complaining about some people grading other members negatively thru their responses and downgrading their reputation. As the system of earning money works thru best discussions or the best responses I guess conflicts are not a good thing here. My advise to you is to be as intelectual as possible, considering first about what you have to say as if you would be talking to your friends or even as if you would be in a debate club, rather than to think of a way on how to write something that will make you money. Ofcourse this is not a pHd degree site, but there is a distinct difference between some discussions here. You can, actually, notice the difference between those who wanna write to discuss something and those writing just so they do. Which is gonna be you? Time and mind will tell... Funny, but regarding to what you were asking,... I AGREE... LOL!!! But I do have an oppinion about it. Hope we talk again soon, boldriq. P.S. We could go thru some posts together and see the truth. Would be fun.
@dublinda (135)
20 Feb 07
I agree with you but I do think that part of the reason is that people are too nice and are afraid of making wave's and being honest. I always try to be honest and I do love to disagree as it promotes good and healthy debate.
20 Feb 07
Well.. I disagree with you. I try to write productive posts that actually are related to the topic and introduce some kind of reflection on it. I don't necessarily agree with the person, in which case I back up my argument. If I do, I will also give an example of why I think what the person said is true. So you see, I can disagree and show you why.
@andiwpd (142)
• United States
20 Feb 07
i absolutely do not agree with you.