How will you react if you're 14 year old cousin is pregnant?

February 20, 2007 5:57am CST
I have this cousin and she's really a wild child, she loves to party, she smokes, she drinks ,she is loaded with boyfriends and she's only 14! yes, 14.. unfortunately i don't blame her, i blame her parents for not disciplining her.. one time, i caught her selling illegal drugs, i was so alarmed that i immediately called her parents, she was punished and scolded but it wasn't enough to stop her.. anyways, she hated me and i hated her.. i am older than her that's why i did that but it seems that after that incident she became worse and started bringing boys home with her... she really disgust me, she's too young.. Anyways, yesterday, she talked to me and told me that she is pregnant! she's toooo young, i was so shocked, i didn't expect it, and so was the fact that i was the only one she told about her condition.. she told me not to tell a soul about it or she'll kill herself... i'm confused now, she says she's going to abort the kid.. i don't know what to tell her.. her boyfriend left her. she has no one on her side and she's expecting me to be with her all the way.. i don't know what she's planning.. i don't know what to tell her, could you please tell me what good advise to tell her? should i tell her to just abort the kid so that there would be no problem? but it's wrong.. so i can't accept the fact that i would be the one to advise her that... her parents do not know yet...
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@bechir (13)
• Saudi Arabia
20 Feb 07
Do not rub salt in her wounds! Advise her and be patient...