When did you start to smoke?

Kid Smoking - How young this kid smokes? This reflects how cigarette smoking become a culture in our society that even babies can't escape it.
@ronslove (481)
February 20, 2007 6:49am CST
Today,smoking selects no gender, ages,race, as to name a few.As I walk along the street, I saw young street kids smoking. I think, their age is around 8 up. I'm a woman from a family of seven, but among us, only our father smokes.I can't believe that these kids know how to smoke at their early age. What will their lungs look like when they are in their early 40's. The fact that they are street kids, seemed their pockets are unburdened by a stick of cigarrette. Once, I ask my father, why he can't quit smoking, he answered me, "I've been smoking since I was 16 years old, it's my life, you can't take it away from me." I was so surprised by his answer. Smoking at the age 16 is very early at his time,1960's. How about you people? When did you start smoking?
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@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
I am not into smoking. But my brother and my father is. I guess they got into smoking about 16 years of age. I am really against smoking because I have faint lungs. I have asthma in my early years. Also, smoking can affect your children even if they are only in your wife's womb. I heard smoking can cause abnormalities.
@ronslove (481)
• Philippines
3 Jul 08
Yes, it's very hazardous to health expecially for pregnant woman. Most babies born to a smoker mother has weak lungs.
28 May 09
I started to smoke when i was 13 and i got into it by smoking on the bus going to school, i didn't give into peer pressure i was just curious as to what it was like.