Who likes to view sunrise?

sunrise - Sunrise view at the MSU golfcourse at around 5 am.
@sahira (1071)
February 20, 2007 8:13am CST
In our place,here in Mindanao area,you can actually view the sunrise at around 5 in the morning,and it is very beautifula as you can see the picture attached..when i have my morning walk,ny dai is not complete without setting in th golfcourse and view the sunrise,it is very relaxing and for the time being i forget my problems.
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@coolsanth (112)
• India
20 Feb 07
i like to view the sunrise... but due to this buildings around my appartment im unable to view the sunrise.... some times i feel better to watch sunset also....
@sahira (1071)
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
huh that buildings are disturbance in your relaxation!..you are right,sunset is good to view also.
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@megumiart (3777)
• United States
22 Nov 07
I love the sunrise and the sunset. I can never wake up early enough for the sunrise though. :/
@mrkbrynt (159)
• Philippines
23 May 07
yeah.... its nice to see a brand new day..... once i joined a retreat at mt. agadagad here in iligan... the fantastic view was amazing.... you are on top of a mountain and see the sun comming up on the mountains of bukidnon......
@romesh143 (165)
• India
20 May 07
Yes i like sunrise every morning.Sunrising has its own charm and importance.Sunrising has a very good scenery,It is soothing to eyes and soul.We feel fresh and happy in the morning.With the sunrise our day start with new freshness and ease.If we enjoy sunrising then it will become our habbit early rising and early rising has many advantages.So i like to enjoy sunrising.
• Pakistan
18 May 07
yeh i like that view and i think that view is my favourite view .
• Indonesia
3 May 07
in my place, i can see the sun rises, but, sometime i just not awake enough to see it! :D
@mtoxales (374)
• Canada
22 Apr 07
Wow that is a beautiful sunrise! You must be very inspired to see it everyday. I love sunrise and sunset but my view is not as beautiful as yours. For me, just to see the rays of the sun as it rises, I feel inspired and glad to experience such a miracle of life.
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
Hello sahira. I love watching sunrises too. It gives me an invigorating feeling. Before when I used to live near the sea, I would take walks by the boulevard and then sit down to wait for the sun to come out. It gives me a good feeling to start the day that way. It is as if I have just gotten energy to begin a new day. Although I now live near the forests, I still love watching sunrises though from afar. Thanks and have a wonderful day! Hugs to your little one.
@lani0529 (1725)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
Hello sahira!(",) Wow, the cyberworld is really very small!(",) I'm a graduate of MSU last 2006 from the College of Health Sciences.(",) Nice to know that someone from Marawi is into mylot. I totally agree with you. Sunrise in MSU is really very fantastic and wonderful. When I was still a student we used to have a morning walk to the golfcourse going to the dairy where we buy goat and cow's milk. Then, we had our breakfast in the pateran in forestry.(",) Nice to meet you sahira! Take care and good day!(",)