Potty training

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February 20, 2007 8:22am CST
can any of you give us any tips on how to potty train our just over 2 year old daughter? We are working with her as much as we can, but any tips would be great. We have her potty next to ours, and she has actually used it twice now. But she still fills her diaper all other times. We got her to figure out how to push "it" out, but she doesnt tell us when she has to go to the bathroom. I know she is still young, but the sooner the better.
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21 Feb 07
My daughter was fully trained at 2.5yrs. I am a firm believer in TEACHING them/Training them to use the potty. It works for us.. I did find we just had to get rid of the diapers and/or training pants/pullups as they just hinder things. Sure, there were A LOT of accidents/messes. I just cleaned them up as they happened. Rewards did nothing for my daughter, but each child is different. I also brought the potty in the room where we were. If we were in the living room, her potty would be in there with us, at night, her potty would be in her room by her bed. She got nothing to drink after 7pm (bedtime 9). Goes potty before bed, and before I go to bed i'd wake her up to go again. PTing is a LONG, HARD and FRUSTRATING time, just take it easy and help her as much as you can.
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20 Feb 07
Well....being a mom of six kids, all I can tell you is that when she's ready it will be easy, if she's not, it's gonna be tough and probably take forever. I learned that lesson with my first, and have used that lesson with all of the rest of them. My youngest are 3 year old boy/girl twins and we just now got them trained. It does absolutely no good to try to train them if they aren't willing to learn. Has she showed any real, continual interest in using the potty? If not, then she isn't ready, and probably could care less about what you want her to to, she is after all a 2 year old and 2 year olds are pretty self centered. I Think the best advice you could get is to wait for her to be ready, cause it's just going to be frustrating for all of you if you don't.