I am fed up of mylot

good bye - Waving good bye with a heavy heart!!!
February 20, 2007 8:28am CST
Bye bye friends, I am very much fed up from mylot.... I tried a lot but nothing is getting out of it,I have rec'd only 0.96$ only.... after uploading so many photos and responding so many discussions, I got only 0.96 $,its really not fair and I am quiting now so good bye everyone with my best wishes.Is there anyone who can give me some hope? What should I do?
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@weemam (13377)
20 Feb 07
Oh !! don't give up , make friends and they will respond to your discussions and you can respond to theirs , It is really nice and before you know it your earnings start to mount up , stick with it and you will enjoy it , It's fun here xx
• India
20 Feb 07
Thanks a lot dear, now I am motivited i wont quit.... I'll try my best to gain points and friends too!!! thanks a lot.
• Singapore
26 Feb 07
Aw... don't leave, don't give up hope. As time of writing, I note that you only have 83 posts. Only 83 posts and you've already received 96 cents. I think this is quite an achievement compared to many people already! Keep going yea? :)
20 Feb 07
I think your problem is that you dont seem to be enjoying being here. You could have really only made 73 posts judging by your number and if you have only made 96cents then it shows your posts are not of good length but more importnatly content. Maybe you are answering the wrong sorts of posts. Go for ones which are full of discussion so that you have more to say. get yourself some good buddies. Dont focus on the momey too much and only come on if you actually want to and then the cash will build up before you not. This is going to pay you nearly as much as what a job would. of course it wouldn't because are you or anyone you know actually using these adverts. Lol.