how much does english matter?

February 20, 2007 8:58am CST
While on myLot, posting a new discussion or something.... How much do you take in account the usage of proper and correct english in discussions and in posts.... I hate it when a language is insulted,,, and using the wrong language is definitely an insult...right people.... I hate it when I have to read " I had not go there because I do not complete my work" .... yuck ...that is sick I guess./ya that is sick for me atleast...I mean why the hell do you use the language when you cannot use it properly...? You may confirm from your elders or any book or anything that the English you are using is correct or not? If not then why not.... its better to learn things than to use it wrongly when you know them is my genuine request, please type correctly... and also tell me what do you feel when wrong english is useD?
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@ESKARENA1 (18296)
20 Feb 07
as much as i agree with you, bad useage of the language is annoying, I feel we must be tollerent. It is early days yet and if mylot intend to teach the whole world English it is going to take a few years. All I can think of is that everyones English on mylot is so much better than my attepts at communication in their first languages. I just thank the Goddess that English is my first language blessed be
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