Communities On Orkut

February 20, 2007 9:09am CST
Using orkut is really a fun I mean making friends,adding and communities and responsing to different wonderful topics it's really a fun.The heading of the topic has almost expressed the point of's simple how many communities do you own in orkut and how many members do you have in respective communities share your achievements in orkut
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@Bbilal (2000)
21 Feb 07
First of all I don't use Orkut now, I was an old member of Orkut but fortunately deleted the account as I was fed up with Orkut. And I'm verry happy that I quit Orkut! Because Orkut is a name of lie, ditchness, awfulness *Sigh* I was verry disappointed with Orkut so I decided to quit and and instead of it I want another site to use so my friend told me about myLot. So, now I'm verry happy with myLot as it pays to me and there is no dicthness and awfulness as the fellow myLotions are so awesome. Apart from this you asked me that how many communities I owned when I was a member of Orkut. I used orkut about three years and owned alot of communities I even did not remember and I have thousands of member in that community. I was a active user or Orkut.
• Pakistan
21 Feb 07
I have an account on orkut but I don't use it you are right it's not more than wastage of time
5 Jun 08
i am on orkut for 2 yrs but never own up a community n even interested hehhe
@tamana (219)
• Pakistan
26 Apr 08
well i use orkut from almost a year,,,bt have nevr made a community ,,,,hehehe
• Pakistan
21 Feb 07
I don't own any community and only a moderator of one. What about You. There I am a member of almost 50+ communities. But my activities on Orkut Have become less since I have Been A member Of my lot.