Feelings about girlfriends/boyfriends "stealing" friends

United States
February 20, 2007 10:57am CST
This has been an issue amongst social groups for a long time.It seems like everytime someone who is single in a group of friends gets a mate the single people in the group of friends are ranting on about the girlfriend stealing all the friends time with them.I personally feel that this is true to an extent.I've noticed that when in a new relationship its really are to be away from that person during the initial infatuation.But, I believe after a month or so both people need to consider their friends and the time they deserve.
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• United States
21 Feb 07
Most of the time, in the beginning of a relationship, its natural to spend more time with the love interest than the friend interest. for my husband and i, we were great friends first, and had the same circle of friends, so it was easy to do both at the same time. even now that we are married, we still make time for each other, but time for ourselves with just our friends as well. we also plan on having potluck barbeque's this summer when we move, and inviting both circles of friends to eat together.
20 Feb 07
Personally, I devote more time to the person I'm with than to my friends. I consider this normal, because I care more for this person, and if I want it to work, then heck yes! So far I've had friends who didn't mind at all, or at least they've never told me anything of the sort. However, my friend was with a guy for over a year when he broke up with her because HIS friends complained they didn't hang out often enough. I think that's just childish behaviour and that you should ponder on it for a long time before doing anything. Of course, I also find childish the fact that he got another girlfriend straight after and tells her he loves her. Already, what nonsense.