how can we beat the odds of casino

October 14, 2006 3:21am CST
Can any one tell me how can we beat the casino and pull their money out.
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@union6 (326)
6 Jun 07
Its very tricky man but some people do, not many, but some. I have been trying for a few months now and not geting very far. But I can give you a big point is dont buy anything on the net that says it will teach you to beat the casino or any software that is suposed to help you. Pretty much all of it is crap and is a total waste of money. But I have manged to lay my hands on a few e-books for free, some of witch are being sold, and Im willing to send them to you if you can give me a e-mail adress or somthing and you can look over them.
• India
10 Jun 07
My email address is Thankyou very much for your help. I also have one ebook which is about beating the game of baccarat. if you like i can send it to you, if you give me your email address.
@union6 (326)
11 Jun 07
Ok man iv just sent you a email, my addres is, with two attachments that i hope will help. Also that e book about Baccarat sounds good and i would like to have a look at it. Thanks
@lpetges (3036)
• United States
15 Jun 07
the best way to beat it, is to stay away from them! you will never lose money that way!
• India
24 Oct 06
i will respond will mine....