Party Hats

@rsaccn (22)
February 20, 2007 3:41pm CST
How many Party Hats must there be of each? They are alot worth i dont want one i would more like the cash but how many you think there are of each?
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@kommer (18)
• Spain
26 Feb 07
I am not very sure about how many are left, but I can tell you less every year due to the fact people quit. This happens with other rares aswell, especially with ones you can eat or drink, a few people have eaten or drunk theirs by accident or on purpose. I was thinking if you have a very large amount of money you could try to buy ALL party hats that are out there...then resell them for the price you want as noone else would have one. Though this is easier executed with Santa Hats :P as they are pretty cheap sometimes.
6 Mar 07
yeh that is a good idea but i think the people you would try and buy them off would up the price as they realise the price will go up as well
• Australia
26 Feb 07
he was asking how many there are of each. Anyway i think there are about 100 - 200 of each left now. maybe more. but they are getting more and more rare every month.