Would you ever resort to cannibalism if it was the only way of staying alive?

@reaperz (1266)
United States
February 20, 2007 4:02pm CST
Would you?
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• India
20 Feb 07
Definitely not! The very idea of killing someone else to sustain yourself repels me very much. I have heard tales of people being in extremely difficult situations, but I really don't think anyone would take to cannibalism unless they have always been having a secret fascination for it. I had read an article in a back issue of The Reader's Digest about a person who after getting lost in a jungle and getting struck by lightening, he had no means of sustaining himself other than eating his own charred left hand, which is what he proceeded to do, but that is hardly cannibalism. Even though it was close to being cannibalism, it is acceptable.