What is the best file sharing technology you think?

February 20, 2007 5:42pm CST
I think it is torrent technology because it is a refined technology of p2p and serves better for the people. Share your thoughts over this topic and suggest any other technology if it better than torrents.
5 responses
• United Arab Emirates
26 Feb 07
I think P2P technology is much better because the download speeds are fast . Torrents are godd for huge files . Godd P2p : Ares , limwire , Imesh
• India
28 Feb 07
i have used these softwares but found that my system was attacked by virus from the files downloaded ... so switched to torrents
@decimus785 (1419)
• Aruba
21 Feb 07
I agree the bittorrent technology is the best,especially when you download from private tracker you wont get virused or spyware in the files
@richux (119)
• Lithuania
19 May 07
I agree with you, I am a member of some private trackers and I have never downloaded virused or spywared file.
@Giggles88 (542)
• United States
1 Mar 07
I think that it's gotta be torrents. I haven't had any problems with them vs. Limewire and those kind of download managers always seem to get you viruses or worse you can get caught by the authorities. You have more options and it's a lot faster with torrents.
• Canada
28 Feb 07
not p2p neither torrents.Newsgroups and usenetservers are the best find anything u want download at ur max rate and have the files clean and in minutes.
• Italy
21 Feb 07
the best technology is torrent ,even if those of the mule still hold