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February 20, 2007 7:55pm CST
does anybody watch the show heros on NBC? its totally addictive. do any fans of the how have any ideas about where silar got his invulnerability to bullets? he doesnt just stop them telekinetically like peter did. hes been nailed a couple of times and no dice. and what else has he got? telekinesis, super hearing, melting stuff, the ability to learn things from the diner chick, plus his own ability to absorb other powers? anything im missing? what a great show!
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@cemille2 (97)
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21 Feb 07
I agree with you, it is a GREAT show! I don't know how he got his vulnerability to bullets. I must have missed something, I've only missed one episode and it was last monday the 12th. I was so mad, but anyways, did he get his telkinesis from the girl that was friends with Mohinder? I think you pretty much nailed all of his powers. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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22 Feb 07
you know you can watch the old episode online for free right? nbc.com. The telekinesis came from the first guy he killed in the watchmaker's shop. it was his first power. the girl who was mohinders friend shot herself before he could kill her to stop him from getting her mind control power.