What's about such dignitary, who have spolied the dignity of religion...!

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@shilpaum (1753)
February 21, 2007 7:00am CST
Sorry, if am hurting anybodies religious beliefs, but its not for the particular religion, its case with max. religions. U might have heard news today, "bribe for baptize". Same case has happened few days before regarding muslim "Phatawa"Many times news comes about the missuse of funds gathered in temple. What's all these....? We "the people" get angry, many time; there r srikes/curfew due to the religious issue.There is no reaction from people regarding such issues, where its really needed.(If was,Idon't know correct me) What u think people like these should be in charge of such posts? Where it will lead the religion..?
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@dpk262006 (56744)
• Delhi, India
22 Feb 07
It is really a sorry state of affairs in our religious institutions. People's sentiments are exploited in the name of relegion. People tend to have such a blind faith on any religious Head that they believe that he can do no wrong. And that Religious Head takes advantage of people's blind faith in him. Those who are corrupt and denting the releigious sentiments of the people has no right to remain on that position (Religious Head) and they should be removed from their position immediately. People would have to become more cautious and careful so as not to trust any religious Head blindly.