A sad story

@mishald (176)
February 21, 2007 10:23am CST
I was really overwhelmed to read about the garbage tanker that ran over the girls head while she was walking her dog. the dog just waited there and hid under the tires by the girls side. Later when the cops came the dog led the cops to the girls house. The dig did not eat anything that night and kept barking. It finally had to be shifted to a friends house as in that house the dog kept going to the girls room. The story shows how loyal dogs are.
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• Canada
21 Feb 07
OMG that is horrible . That poor family what they must be going through . Dogs really are loyal though and it is a touching story in the sence that the dog stayed there the whole time . I watched a movie about dogs that were out in the artic somewhere and how they survived and it showed how dogs are very much like people in the fact that together they look out for each other's needs . And a dog will do anything to get back to it's owner .
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