The kinds of conversations I have

@anabaik (206)
February 21, 2007 3:50pm CST
If you shoot yourself in the head with two guns that are facing each other (they are aligned perfectly), would the force of the bullets cancel each other out? me- they would probably just hit each other and stop right in the center. maybe even fuse together from the force. friend- i dunno, it might just make your head explode. *** what superpower would you choose if you could have whatever you wanted? me- i would want the power to make people drop dead where they stand harnessing only the power of my mind. i can think of exactly (1) person i would use this on. friend- really? i would want the power to bring people back to life from the dead (without damage incurred, or knowledge of dying) so i may have the pleasure of assisting them in meeting their untimely demise...again and many times as i want! me- hmmm...interesting take. *** how different would the world be if everyone in it right now had the opposite gender? me- pretty different if you think about it. the balances of power would shift dramatically in every relationship where women are currently involved. friend- i guess... me- i don't know. i was just thinking. i wouldn't wanna be a guy, though. *** [different conversation] being a guy would suck. girls are better than boys. guy- oh, yeah? give me one good reason... me-'ve got all this floppy, sweaty junk in the way. that's so gross. girl- yeah, i know, right!? ew... guy- well, at least we [guys] don't have to worry about all kinds of girl problems, like periods and babies-- me- oh, please. being a girl is the best ever, and worth dealing with all of that. a woman's body is the most beautiful thing god ever made. guy- no arguments there. *** [yet another conversation] the female form is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the male. P*nises are just not pretty. it would be better if, say, instead of a p*nis, there was a butterfly or some flowers in it's place. (i don't remember how that one ended) ***
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