Does anyone take birth control pills to supress their period year-round?

United States
February 21, 2007 3:57pm CST
I have had PCOS for years and have been on BC since I was 19 (am now 28). I've taken BC for both birth control and PCOS symptoms. I spoke with my OBGYN this summer to see if I could take Seasonale or the new BC that's been in the news that keeps your period away all year. I wouldn't get my period until I was almost off the sugar pills and then my period kept stretching out to seven days or so... Well, I'm was on Yasmin and still on Yasmin now and she just told me to take it as long as I want and have a period if/when I want (who wants them, So, I just take Yasmin without the placebo pills. Anyway, I have some break-through bleeding occasionally but nothing serious. I just wondered if anyone else does this and what they feel / think about the issue. It would be interesting to discuss this with others. :)
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