If Moth's like light so much, then why do they come out at night?

@Chele2k2 (241)
February 21, 2007 5:54pm CST
For many years now, this has always puzzled me. Moths seem to be attracted to lights, so out they come, flapping about and hovering outside your window, bash, bash into it, trying so hard to get inside the room thats projecting the light through the window. Why? I mean during the day there are so many hours filled with daylight but no, they will wait until its night to come out. I know there is a difference with daylight and nightlight, one is a natural source of light and the other, well thats man made, artificial. I know which I would prefer, daylight ................ I guess it is safe to assume i'm not a moth, that much I know .............. but the moth/light/night thing, that plainly puzzles me! Any ideas anyone?
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@itgalary (633)
21 Feb 07
I am not sure of that. But i think at night they are safe.
@Chele2k2 (241)
22 Feb 07
Good point, I have never thought of the security and safety they probably feel at night, must be a natural instinct to them. Thank you for your response.
@patootie (3593)
23 Feb 07
I guess the moths are trying to keep from being eaten by the birds in the daytime .. but are attracted to light all the same .. Some moths do move around by using the moon as a constant point of navigation .. so being attracted to the porch light could just be disorientation ..foe some reason moths also fly towards light when danger is around .. and a lot of moths will settle down around and near the light .. so perhaps they are mistaking it for the sun when they would normally go to sleep ..