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United States
February 21, 2007 9:02pm CST
heres some funny jokes dat make blonds seem like total idiots!: there was 3 people robbing a house. one is a cowboy, one is a joker, and one is a blond lady. the cops came at the crime scene. the cowboy hid in a dog house, the joker hid under a car, and the blond lady hid in... in sack of potatoes. one cop said, come out here u cowboy, we know u in the dog house! the cowboy said, "bark-bark". another cop said, come out here u joker, we know ur hiding under that car. the joker said, "rhhhhmmmmmmm". the third cop said, come out here blond lady, we know ur in that sack of potatoes. the blond lady pondered for a moment and said... "potatoe, potatoe!" lmfao a blond and a cowboy was stranded in an island. the city was a 100m swim away. the cowboy started swimming and died 50m away form the city. the blond swam 50m, got tired ans swam bak! get it? lol a blond was stuck at work becuz the elevator was broken. there was a big red arrow that said, "STAIRS ARE THAT WAY". she thought, i know wat to do. guess wat she did... she jumped off the building window! lmao!
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@salman149 (149)
• France
22 Feb 07
hahahaha hehehehehe good jokes not in mod of jokes at this time