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February 21, 2007 9:17pm CST
For those of you who wants to generate income on the internet and still be doing other things, this is a good one. You can set it on autosurf to generate earnings while still surfing on other site. Best is to use a multitab browser like opera, firefox or IE7. I have tried it and it works beautifully. At no cost, it is worth your trying it out.
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• Canada
5 Jun 07
Did I do this right when I signed up. I have no clue with all this internet stuff. The surf site asked for a url and I didn't know what I was suppose to put there. I don't have a personal webpage, I do have two blogs I dont' use so I put in my MYlot url.. is that okay or should I change it? Thanks for your help.
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@yanjiaren (9050)
22 Feb 07
i will see what it hasn't got viruses and crap has it lol? how often do you get paid? have you been paid yet? what do you have to do? set it up and let it run? i will check it out later.
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• Malaysia
22 Feb 07
This is so far the easiest autosurf earnings generator I have set up. After you have registered and verified via link to your email, you can log in and start the autosurfing. What you need to do is to leave the autosurfing to run by itself. Then you open another tab on your browser to carry on other activities, like posting at mylot. So, this is how we generate 2 income streams at one go. I have not been paid considering I just joined 5 hours ago. At 15 dollars payout, I think it is still viable to test it. After all, we are all on the internet for one reason or another.
@aniez0906 (264)
• Indonesia
24 May 07
thank's for your information
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@andben (1076)
• Italy
17 Apr 07
Thank you for the link, but how much have you earned so far? Has this site payed you? I don't think this kind of earning is worthwhile. Good luck.
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@Dennik (539)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
If you would just allow me to show what programs I'm into I bet you will also joined them. You will discover that they have a lot to offer.
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