I Want my privacy in my house!!!!

@Seawaves (106)
United States
February 21, 2007 11:23pm CST
usualy when a woman is screaming that she wants her privacy she usuay screams because her children are not giving her her moment but i am screaming from my freinds children I moved to my new place about 7 month ago and i had the chance to meet two women from my country one of'em is living right across the street from where i live and she had 2 boys. she is not close anyway. there was that time ehan my husband , my daughter and myself we were sleeping and that i heard a nose comming from my living room it was 9 in the morning and i found out that her children get into my house because my husband forgot to lock it. and there was that other time when another women from my country her 12 years old knoked at my door and when i didn't answer because i wasn ready to welcome anyone in my house he opned the door and get into the house. i think not becasue we come from another country pepole can take advantage from that and don't want pepole to think of me as bad woman but i believe that pepole should teach their children manners with everybody not with some pepole and some other not.....
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• Barbados
22 Feb 07
Children are children and they do children stuff. They have no sense of invading your privacy or that they are intruding into your private spaces. They want atttention so they go after it or they want to be around you. You do not have to feel bad if you refuse to answer the door because I refuse to answer the phone even when I call myself accidentally. You know it is not what you fell inside that is most important, it is your actions around children that paved the way for them to make you thier Idols. Just be nice to them and do hope that living by example will entrust into them the same principles and they too will live by example. You can chnage the World by your actions.
@ajinomoto23 (1057)
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
Little children can sometimes take up all your time. You can have some privacy. Close you room and put a sign - do not disturb. Maybe one or 2 hours in a day just to have some peace.