(a sci-fi question...imagine) If there was an eye in the sky watching you.......

United States
February 22, 2007 12:58am CST
If there was an actual huge eye in the sky, as big as a big cloud in the sky...constantly there watching you and everything you do.....would you change the things you do and are doing? If you knew you were being watched? (this is just an imaginary question....don't freak out...lol)
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@SpitFire179 (2536)
• Canada
22 Feb 07
Haha, i like your thinking... I actually don't think i would do anything differently. I'm my own person, i do what i want and the way i want to do it and that's pretty much all there is to it... I used to think that we were in one of those snow globes, and like someone was always watching in and all that, it kinda felt creepy, but it was the way it was... Plus, i think that if someone was watching everything that we were doing (Say a giant) i don't think he would have fast enough eyes to watch every single person haha.... Cool question. i think i may do something funny and out of line though if i thought i was really being watched. I've done that before to find out if someone was watching me.. You should see the faces on someone when you do something they don't expect when their watching you and they know their not supposed to. Priceless.
• United States
22 Feb 07
excellent answer...... :)
• Ireland
22 Feb 07
I probably wouldn't go out very much but if I did, I would be a living saint. I wouldn't break the speed limits and I wouldn't dash through the traffic signals as they were about to turn red. I would have to take more care of my garden and clean my windows on a regular basis and I would have to be very courteous to my neighbours instead of trying to avoid them at times.
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@sunshinecup (7880)
22 Feb 07
Nope, I am hard headed, so I would most likely flip it one and go on about my day. I don't care who thinks what of me or my actions. I try to do what is right and if anyone has a problem with it, I feel it's their problem.
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