Good News for diatbetics

October 14, 2006 9:31am CST
A couple of months ago, some dr, in the states confirmed that drinking vinegar with meals, will help diatbetics, because the vinegar breaks down the sugar, in the blood sugar. have conducted tests, to prove the facts. My question is that if Adolf Krebs the noble prize winner in 1953, explains the sequence of the metabolic system, he actually explains how the acids break down sugars,for transportation of energy. do you not think it is common sense to believe, that drinking vinegar with meals would have had the same effect 53 years ago, for those that have done their research, we have known all along, yet the facts were not easy to get hold of. Now all pre-diabetics, and type 2 suffers can try drinking the vinegar with meals,, it may just help you too. My question is why has it never been done earlier, it only took 53 years. May be you can all enlighten me? I am the true vinegarman, well preserved at my age, with blood pressure of 180/20, the same has a youth. yet I was born in 1950. So yes I do belive in vinegar for a 1001 reasons and I have a answer for all. sells the vinegar, but the west have yet, to wake up. what do you think!
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@KrauseHome (36750)
• United States
30 Oct 06
For me who is now considered a Type 1.5 Diabetic due to other Health issues, and now Insulin Deprendant, I am not about to start drinking Vinegar. I do not like the Taste of this, and do not plan to become this overboard on something either.
@psubho (40)
• India
30 Oct 06
Thanks for the Info
• India
24 Oct 06