keys locked in car ------ have u also experienced such incidents ???????

February 22, 2007 4:07am CST
ok, i know this was my foolishness,but there are such incidents in everyones life. I was in my hometown and my aunt asked me to drive her to the shopping mall, as she wanted to get some stuff from there.We went and i parked the car in the parking lot underground the mall,the time i was about to take the keys off from the car the parking incharge came ans asked me for the card, that we require to park there,the card was in my wallet and i cudnt reach my wallet by sitting in the car , so i came out of the car,and while i was about to show my card to him,i dont remember why, but i suddenly pushed the door of the car. And wat next u all can imagine,then i ahd to suffer and take a cab to reach home and get the duplicate keys,by the time i came back, my aunt finsihed her shopping and i drove back to home,, it was a funny day for me.....and even i cud not stop laughing as other family members were doing the same.. Have u also been in such situations ever, please share real life incidents. and any idea for why this things happen , does it has something to wid our concentration ??????
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@jhallii (155)
• India
23 Feb 07
ya,,,,,,,experienced,,,it was funny,,,,went sunday mkt and by mistake cousin after parking was abt to bring key and close,,call came and hurriedly pushed door wth keys inside,,,,thn remembered and all howled tried lot to open and also tried wth hairclips but no vain and atlast he hired taxi and brought duplicate keys ,,,,,,
@mic123 (204)
• India
22 Feb 07
Yes very much true and it has a lot to do with our concentration.If you slip then you are gone for a spin.It not only happened once but 3 times to me .Two of the times I managed to open the car cause the 1st time my friend showed me how to do it.