Stockolm the northern Venice

February 22, 2007 8:18am CST
Have you visited Stockolm? I remember a big town, cold inside and outside. It was December but i have had the impression which was not a climatic matter.
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@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
17 Oct 10
I like Stockholm, I think it is pretty, but it is not a very friendly city I think, and not at all the nicest one in Sweden!
• Canada
2 Mar 10
I have been to stockholm, it is very beautiful. The boat ride. the river. very nice views everywhere. I went there in summer and saw many things there like the nobel museum. different museums and churches. it is a very nice and beautiful place. I am personally from canada so it was very different for me. the ancient buildings were very unique and interesting to observe over and over again. i think it was very nice and beautiful. something that i will remember all my life. i took a lot of pictures and had the chance to meet different people and eat various kinds of food. oh yeah and that was the first place in sweden i found a pizza hut haha. it was fun,, i went there to visit my wife. She was living in boras sweden. Sweden overall is very beautiful and vast. I saw the ice hotel you have there up north. I went to a small village called Pajala up north in the arctic circle. It was in the summer so i saw the midnight sun. very interesting indeed... something i'd never seen before in my life. Many reindeers were there too.. I went fishing with some swedes, it was very fun to ride their motor boat and catch a lot of fish. Oh yeah, since you mentioned Venice, I went there too! Wow very nice place, romantic.. i think it is the heart of italy..mashallah! i went in summer time for a Euro trip, through Germany, Austria, Czech republic and Italy. i had the time of my life there.. anyways, have fun.
@SmokeyC4 (12)
10 Oct 07
I was in Stockholm for a short time and was shocked to see a 7-11 conveinient store lol. I lived way up north in Froosen outside of ostersund and the people there were the kindest most wonderful people ive ever met in my life. I pray that some day God will bring me back to Sweden,id spend the rest of my life there and never have one regret. I Love Sweden and all of its people and a day doesnt go by that I dont ache to go back for good. SmokeyC4
• United States
12 Mar 07
My impression of Stockholm was that it was extremely clean for such a large city. Also, lots of sushi restaurants! My experience wasn't that great, though, because I wasn't dressed warmly enough for the weather in early November. Of course, that was my own stupidity and has nothing to do whith how beautiful the city was!
@antintan (87)
• Sweden
10 Mar 07
I have spent the latest 30 years in Stockholm. The city is completely diffrent in summer compared to the winter. In summer people are a lot more open and easygoing. There is water all over, because the city has been built on islands. Lots of parks and beautifull people. Stockholm is an international city, being a capital. Here lives a lot of people of foreign origin. We have a lot of restaurants and food from all over the world. In the winter the city and it´s people "close up". Still we have theatres and restaurants and the night life all year round. Stockholm has an astonishing amount of smal private theatres, and quite many large ones. Repertoire in those establishments varies from cabaret to comedy and Shakespieres plays, not to mention Ibsen, Strindberg. You can take a boat from Stockholm to various towns and cities around the Baltic. Åbo, Helsinki,Tallin,Riga. From nearby Nynäshamn can you take a ferry to Poland. Our city is not cold, exept in winter outside. Swedes tend to be a bit timid, but the population in Stockholm is mixed.
@realtin (16)
• Ireland
23 Feb 07
I visited stockholm a couple of years ago. it was in the summer and it was very hot but I understand your impression of the city is not about the weather. Stockholm is quite a large city and is very spread out so maybe this has something to do with your view of it. In my opinion Gothenburg is a much nicer city. It's smaller, more compact and has a much friendlier vibe.