Th next big thing after ipods?

February 22, 2007 9:04am CST
In the world of changing technology, we find some thing or the other new coming up almost every month. So what u guys reckon about the next big thing after MP3 players like ipods and MS Zunes? Could they also be interfaced with any other gadgets or stuff like that which may be useful for controling remotely placed devices?
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@altari (23)
• United States
8 Mar 07
I'm not expecting too much from the Zune. I never get my hopes up with Microsoft. I think multi function players are the next thing. The iPhone is the first official wave, but companies have been doing it for a year+ already. Stereo bluetooth, which is FINALLY catching on, lets you hook up your iPod to a gateway, connect to your phone (and play music if it's compatible), connect to your computer to use Skype, connect to other cell phones...It's insane. The set I have can connect to 8 devices AND it works all throughout my house. Something like that, but all in one unit, is my guess on the next big deal...