Drugs at School

@icequeen (2841)
February 22, 2007 11:21am CST
My son is in high school. Each day when he comes home I ask him how his day was and what is going on? The other day I was shocked by his answer. He was telling me that right behind his school thier are kids who are doing drugs. I was completely floored. I can't believe that a high school that is suppossed to be one of the best in the city would allow this kind of behaviour from it's students. Is there no security and mandates in place for this? I really feel that something needs to be done...because this seems to be out of control...and I certainly don't want my son involved in these kinds of situations...So what are your views? What needs to be done?
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@fabwisp (1327)
22 Feb 07
Unfortunately I think it is everywhere now. You can't shelter them from that side of life. The best thing we can do as parents is to educate our kids and teach them how to make good choices. If we give them the support and knowledge to know right from wrong then hopefully they will.
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@icequeen (2841)
• Canada
22 Feb 07
Yeah...that is what I do..but I am still worried...but I hope that he knows better. He tells me he does..so I just have to trust him...