iran won't stop the nuclear boms

February 22, 2007 12:26pm CST
ran has ignored the latest UN deadline to suspend uranium enrichment and is actually extending it, a report by nuclear watchdog the IAEA has said. The refusal to observe the Wednesday deadline could lead to further UN sanctions against Iran. The US described Iran's non-compliance as a "missed opportunity for the Iranian government and Iranian people". An Iranian official said UN demands to end enrichment were unacceptable as they had no legal basis. While enriched uranium is used as fuel for nuclear reactors, highly enriched uranium can also be used to make nuclear bombs. must we worried about this? will be the cause of a 3 world war?discuss
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@ThioYF (82)
• Indonesia
23 Feb 07
why in this world must have a war? we are all equal, aren't we? same breath, same planet we live called earth, why must hates etc.. lots question i didn't get in this world about this ^_^.. lets hope there is no other world war ....
@astroo13 (964)
• India
22 Feb 07
Why should Iran obey the UN. None of the big powers obeyed the UN obeyed the rules in the case of Iraq. They must feel that having the nuclear bomb is a protection from attacks from other countries. I don't think anyone can blame them for thinking like that. There are only two ways to stop nuclear proliferation. Either every one should have nuclear weapons or none should have it. If they have the bomb they will use it if they are attacked and the attacking country will be solely responsible for that. Regards
@calico79 (173)
• United States
22 Feb 07
Does this really surprise anyone that they refuse to comply? Not me.