do u like love marriage or arranged marriage

February 22, 2007 1:28pm CST
i love love marriage as they includes our own freeedom to choose correct partner for us
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@sunny1984 (640)
• India
23 Feb 07
I love the love marriage but i will do the arrange one becouse my parents want it me to do.
@joven222 (84)
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
I would choose love marriage. It is better to be with someone you really love. This can contribute to a lasting and a more fulfilling relationship. Arranged marriage most of the time could not last for long. It is a different thing living with someone you love than to just live with a person that you don't really love after all.
• Portugal
22 Feb 07
I'm with love marriages, I don't believe in arranged marriages because it seems to forced and I think that we've to decide not anyone else.
• India
22 Feb 07
i think arrange marriage will work for me cause i can't go against my parents but there is no conditions from my parents that if i'll marry it should be arranged.its all on me........
@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
22 Feb 07
mine was arrange and i am very happy and content with my married life... and where i see many couples who did love marriages and end up with separation or divorce... marriage is a strong bond which tie two people together with trust, love, loyalty, faithfulness and integrity. either its love or arrange marriage both needs tons of devotion and sacrifice.... if you have an ego then you will probably wont survive you have to kill your ego befor egetting inot any relationship.... it ruins the relations.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
22 Feb 07
I myself have grown up with the tradition of marrying for love. I fell in love with the man i live with. this is what I am most familiar with. I am against forced marriages. When it comes to arranged marriages I'm not sure that it is a bad thing. As I understand it an arranged marriage comes into place when your parents recomend a partner for you after talking to the parents of the one they suggest. I see how this may be a good thing. Parents may focus more on compatability between the two, on shared values, beliefs, culture etc. This may be important factors in a successfull marriage. As long as the two in question are FREE TO CHOOSE to follow their parents advice, I do not see the harm. I have heard many such couples have grown to love eachother. Are the foundation of so called love marriages so different from this? I have friends that has found eachother through agencies - is not this arranged. When friends introduce you to someone they think you may like, is that relationship not also arranged?