Do you neighbours complain ?

February 22, 2007 3:17pm CST
i have this problem from my neighbour he is complaining alwayz about the noise level in the night ... we r all students late nights is often but y don't my neighbour understand this ... ? i m sure he must have done the same ... ?wat can be done is ... i don't know :(
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@Bizziebod (3526)
22 Feb 07
Hi, I'm sure your neighbour does understand that you are all students and not knowing your neighbour at all then my response is going to be misguided I guess. However does your neighbour work? Have small children? Is unwell? Then maybe you are keeping him or them awake at night? I live in flats and we suffer lots of noise but you all have to live together and get on with it. You should be sympathetic to his needs too after all he will be paying to live there also! We all have the right to live in peace and quiet to a certain extent especially after certain hours at night. Perhaps you could go round and talk to him and find out why and what the problem is and to see if you can come to some kind of compromise! I've had neighbours like this (and worse) and the only way to resolve problems is to communicate else the problem will only escalate and your landlord may agree with an older person and you may be looking for accomodation! Hope that helps?
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@cutebaby4 (196)
• India
27 Feb 07
Even i am staying with firends and we too play musics and movies in night but in low volume which should not disturb the neighbours.Since your neighbours are old and what they need will be sound sleep,if it gets disturbed obviously they will get angry.Now u r young and what u need is enterainment but once u become old u will also be like your neighbours, its life...