Five most asked questions about worm casting

February 22, 2007 6:57pm CST
1. What are Earthworm casting? It is a material deposited by earthworm after the material passes through the digestive track of the worm (worm manure) 2. Why use earthworm casting? With the exception of water and sunlight, nothing could be more natural than earthworm casting. Not steer manure, not chicken manure, not even fish emulsion is as natural as warthworm casting!!! After all, when digging in your garden have you ever found a live cow, chicken or fish!!! No, you will found live worm. Mother nature created the mighty worm about 570 million years ago to care for her plant's life by caring for the soil. As they eats its way through the soil, it takes in bits of soil and rotting or decaying plants (organic matters). The output is the richest food for your plants wil ever find, yet will not burn a plant!!! Earthworm have the unique ability to increase the amounts of nutrients and minerals in the soil as much as 10 times the value of the plant debris there. These minerals and nutrients are properly conditioned for the best root growth and lush plant growth - Plus it's odor free !!! 3. How do I use earthworm casting? It is very easy to use. It makes excelent potting mix or mix to plant in the ground. 25% earthworm casting mixed with 75% soil is the common mix. On established plants, simply sprinkle about 1/4 inch earthworm casting around the plant. Make sure that it is pure and high quality. 4. Can I put worms in my garden and do the same thing? Worm in the garden is always a good thing. Tunneling the soil, they breaks up compacted soil so that water and air can circulate better. But they tends to move around and makes difficult to concentrate the casting. Worm in compost bin is better. Not just that they will reduce the organic waste, but they will make the waste into richer soil amendments called vermicompost (worm compost). 5. Are all earthworm castings the same? Its true that worm casting comes out from the body of the earthworm. However, the quality depends on the worm diet. The casting quality contents really depends on the well balanced diet.
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